Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 free open source NMS

A Network Management System (NMS) is a combination of hardware and software used to monitor and administer a network. NMS systems make use of various protocols for the purpose they serve. For example, SNMP protocol allows them to simply gather the information from the various devices down the network hierarchy. NMS software is responsible for identification of the problem, the exact source of the problem and solving them. The NMS systems not only are responsible for the detection of faults but also for collecting the statistics of the devices over a period of time. They may include a library where the previous network statistical data over a period of time is stored along with the problems and the solutions that worked in the past. This library can come useful in case a fault is found. NMS software can consult the library and search for the best possible method to resolve the problem.
In this post I gathered top 4 Free Open Source Network Management Software that you can use as an IT Administrator in your network, Whether you run small or enterprise network, you will find those tools handy and effective in doing your monitoring work as simple as it could be.

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Manage Everything IT…for Free! Spiceworks is the complete network management software, helpdesk, PC inventory tools & IT reporting solution designed to manage everything IT in small & medium businesses.

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OpenNMS is the world’s first enterprise grade network management application platform developed under the open source model.

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openQRM is the next generation, open-source Data-center management platform. Its fully pluggable architecture focuses on automatic, rapid- and appliance-based deployment, monitoring, high-availability, cloud computing and especially on supporting and conforming multiple virtualization technologies.

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Designed to provide all fundamental management and monitoring capabilities for web applications and IT infrastructures.
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  1. kalau aneh sih sering pakek NMS yang open source ya pakek cacti, biasa instal di ubuntu atau pun di debian