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Mulyana Sandi

Belajar menulis dan berbagi ilmu melalui blog, sedikit tulisan semoga menjadi banyak manfaat :D.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Konfigurasi Apache IPv4 & IPv6

1. Masuk dalam konfigurasi apache, tambahkan konfigurasi pada httpd.conf

Listen ipv4_anda:80
Listen [ipv6_anda]:80

2. Setelah itu tinggal konfigurasi VirtualHost dari server kita

<VirtualHost [ipv6_anda]>
DocumentRoot /www/docs/
ErrorLog logs/
TransferLog logs/
3. Setelah itu restart Apache nya.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Membuka Mail Google di Terminal Linux

Install Mutt :
mulyana@hclinux:~$ sudo apt-get install mutt
Buat direktori :
mulyana@hclinux:~$ mkdir -p ~/.mutt/cache/headers
mulyana@hclinux:~$ mkdir ~/.mutt/cache/bodies
mulyana@hclinux:~$ touch ~/.mutt/certificates
Buat file .muttrc :
mulyana@hclinux:~$ nano .muttrc
Masukan konfigurasi berikut :

# A basic .muttrc for use with Gmail

# Change the following six lines to match your Gmail account details
set imap_user = ""
set imap_pass = "KATASANDI"
set smtp_url = "smtp://"
set smtp_pass = "KATASANDI"
set from = ""
set realname = "NAMA ANDA"

# Change the following line to a different editor you prefer.
set editor = "nano"

# Basic config, you can leave this as is
set folder = "imaps://"
set spoolfile = "+INBOX"
set imap_check_subscribed
set hostname =
set mail_check = 120
set timeout = 300
set imap_keepalive = 300
set postponed = "+[GMail]/Drafts"
set record = "+[GMail]/Sent Mail"
set header_cache=~/.mutt/cache/headers
set message_cachedir=~/.mutt/cache/bodies
set certificate_file=~/.mutt/certificates
set move = no
set include
set sort = 'threads'
set sort_aux = 'reverse-last-date-received'
set auto_tag = yes
ignore "Authentication-Results:"
ignore "DomainKey-Signature:"
ignore "DKIM-Signature:"
hdr_order Date From To Cc
alternative_order text/plain text/html *
auto_view text/html
bind editor <Tab> complete-query
bind editor ^T complete
bind editor <space> noop 

# Gmail-style keyboard shortcuts
macro index,pager y "<enter-command>unset trash\n <delete-message>" "Gmail archive message"
macro index,pager d "<enter-command>set trash=\"imaps://[GMail]/Bin\"\n <delete-message>" "Gmail delete message"
macro index,pager gi "<change-folder>=INBOX<enter>" "Go to inbox"
macro index,pager ga "<change-folder>=[Gmail]/All Mail<enter>" "Go to all mail"
macro index,pager gs "<change-folder>=[Gmail]/Starred<enter>" "Go to starred messages"
macro index,pager gd "<change-folder>=[Gmail]/Drafts<enter>" "Go to drafts"
Jalankan Mutt :
mulyana@hclinux:~$ mutt
Selamat mencoba :)

Cara Simple Update Status Twitter Dengan curl

Untuk mengupdate status ada cara yang lebih mudah, yaitu dengan menggunakan curl, dengan begitu kita tidak perlu mengunjungi situs twitter, dan dapat menghemat bandwith :D
curl -s -u username:password -d status=”status anda”
command ini di ketik di CLI (command promptnya linux). Kalo mau yang lebih lengkap baca-baca dulu di

Membagi Video Untuk di Upload ke Youtube

Bila video yang anda miliki terlalu besar atau lebih dari 10 menit (untuk yang akunnya belum bisa mengupload file diatas 15 menit), dan ingin di upload ke youtube, satu-satunya cara adalah dengan split (membagi) video tersebut menjadi beberapa bagian, sebelum memulai proses split, terlebih dahulu install ffmpeg.
apt-get install ffmpeg
yum install ffmpeg
Untuk mulai membagi video menjadi beberapa bagian gunakan perintah dibawah ini (misalkan kita memiliki file yang bernama videotube.mp4, dengan length 40 menit)
ffmpeg -i "videotube.mp4" -ss 00:00:00 -t 00:10:00 -vcodec copy -acodec copy "videotube 10 menit pertama.mp4"
ket :
-ss : detik mulai proses split
-t : detik akhir proses split
ffmpeg split video for youtube

Monday, December 23, 2013

Tersembunyi di Freenode

sudo aptitude install tor irssi screen
screen torify irssi

 hidden service Freenode = mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion

sudo vim /etc/tor/torrc

mapaddress mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion
sudo /etc/init.d/tor restart

irssi : 
/server add -auto -network freenode 6667
/server add -auto -network freenode 6667 (password) (nick)

Langsung koneksikan 

/server freenode

Semoga bermanfaat :)

InfoSec Job Postings - What Are Employers Telling Us?

The inimitable Brian Krebs has a series of interesting blog posts where he's interviewed several IS luminaries about "breaking into" Infosec fields. The advice in these articles is great and ranges from the technical to the somewhat philosophical (I especially like Schneier's prescription of - STUDY, DO, SHOW). You can check it out here:

In addition to this excellent advice, we can also learn a great deal from IS employers via the job postings they provide AND the aggregate data indicators these posts contain concerning the knowledge, skills, certifications, and aptitudes sought for various roles. To achieve this viewpoint, I've compiled data from over 150 IS job postings(US only) looking at the weighted repetition of categorical qualifications for several popular InfoSec roles (see interactive charts below). In addition to satisfying my own unhealthy compulsion to quantify things, there were some interesting take aways.

Analyzing the Data: Observations and Findings

#1: Communication Is Critical (aka Try To Act Normal)

While communication skills are frequently cited in professional postings as desired, with InfoSec positions this seems to be true without exception. As evidenced in collected data,
the ability to write and speak clearly to non-technical audiences about IS issues is a critical skill for almost every job role. I'm sure several readers have experienced the reality warp
that comes with wrestling technically complex issues, engagements, or investigations for prolonged time periods. While it may not be fair, employers expect and value that even if you
have been huffin packet dumps and subsiding on pocky sticks and energy drinks for a week that you can still retain the ability to speak "human" to your customers and to senior leadership. Go figure...

#2: Education Is Important AND Work Experience Is Essential

Almost all of the Information Security positions list a Bachelor's degree as a minimum requirement for eligibility, but beyond this the lion's share of your value to potential employers hinges on the
years of relevant experience you've had in some role within IS. The clear message here is that employers desire educated IS professionals with real world experience. You shouldn't expect to
come right out of school and get a job unless you have professional experience and achievements that clearly demonstrate your proficiencies.
For this reason, internships are highly recommended way for students to couple education with "in the trenches" IS challenges.


I'm going to avoid the "CISSP certification debate" here. For better or worse, the findings of this review reinforce that CISSP is clearly the de facto IS certification regarded by employers as
offering professional "bona fides". It's obvious that having this certification can open doors in several IS job roles that otherwise might be closed by HR resume bots. One of the reasons for such
universal regard of CISSP is that you have to at least 5 years of working experience in IS roles (or equivalent education, certification, + experience) to qualify to take the exam (experience again).
If you already meet the requirements for eligibility to sit for the CISSP, its pretty clear that there are some substantial hiring benefits for taking the time to achieve this credential.

#4: Programming Isn't Just For Programmers

Another finding lurking in the aggregate data is that employers clearly value and place emphasis on Information Security Professionals who can offer scripting and programming experience. One
reason for this importance may be the growing critical role of AppSec for many organizations. Having security professionals on staff who can speak "apples to apples" with developers presents
considerable value towards not only identifying risks/problems but also participating in the fix.

#5: Security Clearance Gateway

The large need for high-quality security services within the federal sphere really is driving valuation for more professionals with top secret or higher clearances. Achieving these clearances often
involves extensive background review that can take several months. As a result, those who already have the necessary clearances are very valuable to employers who serve federal customers.


If you are considering a career in Information Security, then it helps to realize that the field is very specialized and the total body of knowledge represented by the varied job roles is greater than any
one person can master in a lifetime. Therefore there is real value to be able to focus your efforts on those skills, knowledge, and aptitutdes that give you the greatest flexibility, opportunities,
and satisfication. Also remember, that the skills of yesterday may not be the skills of tomorrow. You need to integrate continual learning into your daily habits.
Learn something new within your field everyday!
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